Recovery Solutions

Below are some common services Active Recovery Solutions can provide you or your loved one with access to and their general definitions.

Intervention Services - A professional intervention is conducted to help convince an alcoholic or addict of his or her situation, break down the denial and accept professional help for their condition.

Detoxification Services – Sometimes the long term use of substances can create a condition where an individual's body becomes dependant. This situation requires specialized 24 hour monitoring and possibly medication. This is usually in an in-patient setting.

In-Patient Treatment – In general this is a model where you are living and being treated at the same location - (the term 'Residential Treatment' is another way of saying you are residing at the same location you are undergoing treatment services).

Out-Patient Treatment – this is a model of drug treatment where you go to treatment one place, but live in another. You are not monitored 24 hours a day. Sometimes this is also referred to as Partial Hospitalization Programs or (PHP).

Extended Care Programs - For clients that present with a chronic history of relapse or complex co-occurring disorders, we offer access to longer term extended care programs that concentrate on relapse prevention techniques while specifically treating any underlying mental health issues.

Transitional/ Sober Living - Conclusive evidence shows that the continuum of care is most effective when a client enters sober or transitional living after graduating primary treatment as part of their recovery process. Transitional living provides a safe and recovery structured living environment during social reintergration with family, employment, etc. Active Recovery Solutions strongly advocates Transitional Living as part of a client's recovery.

Sober Companion/ Sober Coaching - Sober Coaching is an option that is available to clients that either have a busy lifestyle or require something extra when leaving treatment. As it sounds, sober coaching is just that; a member of our team working closely and exclusively with one client at a time to assist with reintegration back into family life, work, social events, etc. Our coaches are highly experienced in providing close one-to-one services 24 hours a day.

Patient Concierge - It is not very often that a client will enter a treatment program that is local to where they live. Most treatment professionals suggest that a client be removed from the familiarity of where they live so they can conentrate on recovery rather than outside issues. As such, the majority of clients in treatment come from out-of-state but are still required to travel to the treatment location - for an alcoholic or addict, this can be a difficult journey however, Active Recovery Solutions will be pleased to arrange safe, sober transport to and from treatment, ensuring that you or your loved are delivered on time and healthily!

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