Recovery Programs

Active Recovery Solutions carefully selects licensed and accredited addiction treatment facilities that provide the most comprehensive care and treatment in the US today.

Our selection process requires each treatment facility to adhere to our strict standards of practice policies that include the following principles:

  • - Facilities must be fully licensed and be accredited by a nationally recognized addiction treatment authority
  • - Facilities must provide adequate accomodation and board to their clients throughout the duration of treatment.
  • - Accomodation must be comfortable and reflect the treatment fee charged.
  • - All staff that interact with clients must be professionally trained in the area of addiction treatment.
  • - Sleeping accomodations must be separated for each gender.
  • - All staff must treat the client with dignity and respect at all times.
  • - Where applicable, food must be hygenically prepared and served.
  • - Treatment must include a family component.
  • - Upon graduation, all clients must leave treatment with a discharge and aftercare plan.
  • - All complaints must be dealt with in a caring and empathic manner.

Treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction is widely available in the US however, choosing the right program that is both clinically appropriate and fits financially can be challenging. Active Recovery Solutions will assess you or your loved one's unique set of circumstances and needs and make the most appropriate referral based on what you need, rather than what we think is best.

Please also contact us for information about which program is best for you.
Here are a few of the choices available:

- Hearth Stone House IOP in Palm Desert
- Michele Garcia: Spiritual Care Counselor
- Cielo Sober Living
- Cielo Spiritual Retreat
- MicheleGarcia.Net
- Dynamic Laboratories
- Tellurian UCAN INC
- Oceanside Malibu T.L.
- Serenity Malibu
- Addiction Therapeutic Services Intensive Outpatient Program
- HARP Treatment Center
- New Life Sober Living

LET US HELP YOU VERIFIY YOUR Insurance or work out payments to make Recovery a Reality for you or your loved one!

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