External Resources

Active Recovery Solutions has compiled the following list of external resources to help you or your loved one through the recovery journey.

* Please note that by providing this list, Active Recovery Solutions does not endorse the resources' services but does recommend them through our own experiences with each.


Self-Help for the Alcoholic or Addict

» Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
The Office Alcoholics Anonymous website. Contains information about alcoholism, the 12 Step recovery program, meeting schedule and links to local AA websites.

» Narcotics Anonymous Official Website
Narcotics Anonymous World Services website containing information for the addict, details of the NA Way recovery program and links to local NA websites

» Intervention Support
Intervention Support is an comprehensive resource for those who are seeking information about the intervention process as a whole.


Self-Help for Family Members and Friends Affected by Another's Alcoholism or Addiction

» Al-Anon/ Alateen Official Website
Information for families and friends of alcoholics. If someone else's drinking has affected your life, Al-Anon or Alateen is for you


Other Recovery Resources

» Drug Alcohol Rehab
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Help and Resource Center


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