Gender Specific Facilities

Active Recovery Solutions recognizes that men and women have very different clinical needs and requirements when it comes to treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

We advocate and strongly advise all clients to consider gender-specific recovery programs as there is evidence to suggest that gender plays an inetgral role in determining the appropriate intervention and treatment method suitable for a client's individual need. The majority of alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs in the US endorse these research conclusions and offer gender-specific treatment to those who request it.

In general, gender specific programs are anchored on the different perspectives and experiences between men and women. Treatment programs are designed to specifically address these perspectives, including health and relational ones, unique to each gender. This arrangement allows rehab centers to address the issues and concerns of each gender and to treat each one accordingly. For instance, women programs may be designed to help women recognize their individual strengths while programs for men are focused on addressing issues that are unique to them.

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