About Active Recovery Solutions

Active Recovery Solutions is the brain-child of Michele Garcia, a seasoned addiction treatment and recovery outreach professional from Los Angeles, California.

Michele GarciaAfter achieving hard-fought sobriety and maintaining it for many years, it can be extremely disheartening and even devastating to relapse. It calls into question the ability to find a way to live free from the shackles of addiction.

Michele Garcia, founder of Active Recovery Solutions, first got sober on April 23, 1991 at the Drug and Alcohol Center in West Hollywood. When she suffered a one-day relapse, she entered the women’s treatment center, Oasis in Sylmar, California, followed by a period in its sober-living program. Doing this, she managed to successfully stay sober for six and half years by remaining active in AA and the 12-step program. “But I rested on my laurels after a while and relapsed for a very painful two months.”

Michele then moved to Las Vegas for a while, I did the steps in CEA HOW and made amends which brought her back home to recreate her life near family. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Michele once again relapsed, this time for only one day, but it became the turning point for her. She knew she needed to do something more than she had been doing or face a never-ending cycle of sobriety and relapse.

Michele hit an emotional bottom [after the second relapse] and surrendered to a women’s step-study workshop in Westlake Village and renewed her commitment to local AA and ALANON groups.

In the meantime, Michele began to pursue a degree in education, driven by her passion for working with kids and adolescents. Michele became active at local Boys and Girls Clubs, leading field trips and nature trips and running workshops on writing and poetry. During this time, she obtained a certificate in child advocacy from Circle of Hope, an organization formed to raise awareness for helping abused children.

Then she met Mickey, a circuit speaker in AA, who would have a profound influence on the next phase of her life. After hearing her story, he warned her that she would relapse again unless she found something she was passionate about and engaged in it fully. His advice to “cultivate your life” resonated deeply with Michele.

Not long after, she started working in the recovery and addiction treatment field. As a consultant, she became more deeply entrenched in the recovery community, absorbing the various facets that make certain treatments successful and others less so. Soon, her clients began to inquire why Michele didn't begin her own sober-living home. She initially balked.

"I just wasn't confident in my ability to run one at first". As time passed and she gained more knowledge and experience in the field, as well as more personal sobriety under her belt, two other clients approached her about opening a home. When a colleague made the same suggestion, recommending the full-service recovery treatment model as a guide (clients receive treatment outside of the home and live in the sober-living facility, making it more cost-effective than inpatient treatment), Michele knew she had received direction from her Higher Power about her greater purpose.

In July, 2010, Michele co-founded and opened a transitional program in Malibu, California, which remains a successful treatment program today. Since that time Michele has moved on to more challenging and client-oriented roles in the field, achieving certification as Board Registered interventionist Level II through the California Board of Systemic intervention.

Putting a strong emphasis on discovering how fun sober living can be, Michele also organizes Sober Fun Days with community members, where clients spend the day hiking, playing Frisbee, rock climbing and barbequing together.

Michele's passion and commitment to recovery and the treatment field is clear: "I discovered that all things are possible with my Higher power; my recovery comes first today"

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